Things I’m all about this week…

  1. pam {simple details} says:

    They couldn't be more adorable! Your flowers are completely amazing, they look SO thrown together! NOT!! And, I'm loving that cute top from Gap!

  2. Carrie @ Cosy Carolina Interiors says:

    They are completely, totally adorable! 🙂 Your Tibi dress must have looked gorgeous with those flowers! Wow!! And I'm really digging that wallpaper; I think I repinned this from you! Have a great day!

  3. Kris @ Driven by Décor says:

    Can't believe that you did those flowers – they are gorgeous! My flower arranging skills are limited to plunking a few in a mason jar (and I can't even do that right!). Also loving that fire table – wish I could find that sucker on major sale!

  4. stephanie at Stephanie Kraus Designs says:

    Thanks Pam!! and thanks for reading!

  5. stephanie at Stephanie Kraus Designs says:

    Thanks for popping over Carrie!

  6. stephanie at Stephanie Kraus Designs says:

    Thanks Kris – I know I need that table!

  7. says:

    Those arrangements are gorgeous! You could have another career as a florist! 🙂
    That wallpaper is to die for too.

  8. Lemon Chic says:

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  9. Tiffany @ {Living Savvy} says:

    What a fun round up! Yes too early to say fall… although school starts for my son in 2 weeks! I LOVE the flowers! Amazing job in arrangement! I want to go to that flower place weekly! Nor Cal needs something like that!

  10. stephanie at Stephanie Kraus Designs says:

    I may need a second career soon… My oldest is going to highschool soon!

  11. stephanie at Stephanie Kraus Designs says:

    Two weeks? No fun:(. Us east coasters have another months at least! Thanks for reading:)

  12. Linda {Calling it Home} says:

    I love that couple. They really look like they are in love. You rocked that flower arrangement.

  13. Loi Thai, Tone on Tone says:

    Those flower arrangements are fabulous and fun, Stephanie!! Love that cute moss bag container. Enjoy your goddaughter's christening!!
    x Loi

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