Shut the Front Door!

  1. Willene Fagen says:

    Thanks for your tips, Stephanie! In choosing the color of your front door, you must consider the entire home exterior. Your front door must be very welcoming, but not to the point that it will destroy the exterior design of your house. Asking for professional help is the best thing that you can do to ensure a job well done.

    Roofing and More Inc.

  2. John McGill says:

    wow fantastic post love the color doors and thanks for sharing with valuable post, Great job keep it up..

  3. stephanie at Stephanie Kraus Designs says:

    Thanks John! Glad you like it!!

  4. Roselia Mangione says:

    What an adorable view! The position of the door and window is very ideal. Also, the window panes are just right to let in the right amount of ventilation.

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